Advantages for companies

  • Do you own a company or an office and are you unsatisfied with huge bills for a fixed line?
  • Do you call occasionally, but you must still pay the fees?
  • Do you call abroad a lot?
  • Do you have more branch offices?

We have a cheap, high quality and affordable solutions for all of you.

We have created a package of services JStel Box, which provides high-quality voice, Internet and in traditional telephony. You can use JStel telephony with existing phones, without switching on your PC. You can also connect PBX of your brach offices to JStel Box. For more information, please visit

We will check calls in your company and compare it with the cost when using JStel. What is more, we choose a company with which you call most often, and we will calculate how much money you could save together. You will be surprised what amount you could save per year. During a personal meeting we will also clearly describe the process. For a specific solution of your situation, you can contact us here. (form to fill out – you can also use the form on the existing site)


New bank account for recharge credits and payments for invoices of J.S.Tel s.r.o.:

account: 7329419001 / 5500, Raiffeisen Bank.

Tarrifs and prices


You can find current prices of calls and additional services here.